Business Formation

When starting a business one of the most important matters is ensuring that the appropriate business vehicle is selected. We work closely with clients and their professional advisors to determine the most suitable vehicle for their business. We regularly create and organize sole proprietorship’s, corporations, professional corporations, partnerships and joint ventures.

Day-To-Day Matters

After the formation and organization of the business, we work closely with clients in order to ensure their business remains in compliance with all applicable law, regulations and industry best practices.

Commercial Contracts

We provide strategic legal advice and counsel to assist our clients in reviewing, negotiating and drafting various agreements including shareholder agreements, purchase and sale agreements, employment contracts, subscription agreements and commercial lease agreements.

Tax Motivated Transactions

Tax will always be a factor for businesses and their owners. We assist clients achieve their tax goals in a variety of different ways including rollovers, corporate restructuring and estate freezes.

Special Transactions

During the lifespan of a business certain opportunities and challenges often present themselves to owners and management of companies. Taking advantage of these opportunities and mitigating risks is vital for the growth and survival of any business. At Tedford Law, we routinely advise businesses on corporate transactions including the purchase and sale of a business, corporate finance, due diligence, amalgamations and dissolutions.


We offer our clients thorough estate planning services by ensuring all aspects of their financial affairs are in order.  A last will and testament is the backbone of most estate plans, but there is a lot more to the estate planning process than simply executing a will.  Our services leave no stone unturned and include:

Drafting of Wills (including Secondary Wills for Business Owners)


Drafting of Powers of Attorney for Property


Drafting of Powers of Attorney for Personal Care


Probate Fee and Will Substitute Planning


Tax Planning


Insurance Planning


Although not a primary practice area for Tedford Law, we handle residential real estate transactions for existing and referral clients.  Services include:


Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate


Re-Financing/Mortgage Transactions


Transfer of Title