Small Law Office

We are not a big law firm and have no desire to become one. Certainty there are times when an organization will require the resources a large firm can offer. For example, large scale corporate finance transactions often require the resources (i.e. large number of lawyers/staff, multiple office locations, etc.) that only a large law firm can offer. These resources, however, become a burden when the same law firm attempts to service clients in smaller settings. The numerous costs associated with the “big firm” are ultimately passed on to their clients in the form of higher fees.


Technology has allowed us to streamline tasks that traditionally have increased the administrative and legal time spent on client files.  Using technology, where appropriate, allows us to deliver our legal services in a cost-effective manner.


We treat our clients with respect.  From returning phones calls and e-mails in a timely fashion to providing straight-forward and practical advice, we strive for professional in all respects of the client relationship.


We refuse to nickel and dime our clients to death. We do not bill for quick e-mail or phone exchanges or for costs associated with printing, postage, photocopies, etc. We do not charge administrative fees or other hidden fees that tend to drive clients crazy. We are of the view that charging a client a prescribed rate for a service and then adding a bunch of fees to the invoice is unfair.


Our goal is to provide high quality legal counsel in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We can ensure every client of ours receives excellent legal services by being selective in not only the engagements we take on but also the types of clients we do business with.

Transparent and Straightforward Billing

We try our best to reduce the nauseating feeling that often overwhelms you as a result of opening a bill from a lawyer. How? First off, where possible, we offer flat-fee arrangements over the billable hour. This creates cost certainty for the client and reduces any surprises come invoice time. Secondly, where the nature of the engagement does not allow for a flat-fee arrangement, we take a flexible approach and offer innovative billing arrangements that provide value and cost parameters.